The Gift of Membership

Your daughter’s birthday is right around the corner and you don’t know what to get her. Why not consider something that will last a lifetime? In this day and age, not many things last as long as membership in a credit union.

Benefits of Membership

Let’s take a look at some of the great benefits you will be giving when you share the gift of membership with someone in your family or a co-worker:

  • High yields on savings and investments.

  • Dividend-bearing checking accounts with debit and/or ATM cards, no (or low) monthly service fees (based on your relationship with the credit union) and no per-check charges.

  • Low rates on home, personal and vehicle loans.

  • Low-rate credit cards with no (or low) annual fees.

  • Access to accounts 24/7 at ATMs nationwide, through online banking, and using the telephone teller service.

  • Eligibility for special services, such as insurance and financial planning.

Membership in Five Simple Steps

Your gift can be obtained quickly and easily at any credit union branch or call center in just FIVE simple steps:

STEP #1: Contact a credit union member service representative by phone or in person and ask for a membership application, or you can download a membership application from your credit union’s website.

STEP #2: Fill out the application for whom you are planning to give the gift of membership. Do not date or sign the application.

STEP #3: Make out a check payable to the credit union for the one-time membership fee.

STEP #4: Put the check and the application in a special envelope and give it to your family member or co-worker as a gift.

STEP #5: Instruct the recipient of your gift that to start accessing membership privileges, he/she must sign and date the membership application (providing identification as well), and return it to the credit union with the membership fee check by mail or in person.

If you are interested in learning more about who is eligible for membership at your credit union, ask a member service representative today.


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